Lee Allen Barger, PE

PO Box 656

Hillsborough, NC 27278


(919) 732-5435


IMG_6642cropped.jpgProfessional Objective

To apply my 19 years experience in concept development, prototype design, and project management to create novel, cost effective and timely solutions.


Summary of Qualifications

           17 years experience in laboratory automation consultation and mechanical design of custom devices for laboratory use in

            pharmaceutical/medical industry. 

           17 years mechanical design experience with multinational companies.

           Responsibilities include interfacing with the R&D community, determining customers' needs and providing unique, timely and cost-

            effective solutions. 

           Have managed all incoming projects for a group of 9 scientists and engineers; estimated cost and time of delivery, and routed projects to

            the appropriate internal resources.

           Comfortable managing multiple projects from concept to completion, resolving conflicting time constraints and tracking expenditures

            and deliverables.

           Provide consultation services in selecting appropriate off-the-shelf solutions; work with suppliers to ensure commercial products either

            meet specifications or can be modified to suit specific needs. 

           Work with fabrication shops to ensure timely delivery of custom parts. 

           Attend seminars, expositions and training to stay current in the fields of mechanical engineering and project management and maintain

            professional development requirements.

           Inventor on 5 US Patents with others pending. 

           Proficient in SolidWorks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project.


Work Experience

2008-Present   Eclectech, Inc. – Hillsborough, NC – Vice President/Owner

Founded company in January 2008.  Have both in and out of state clients in the chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Close working relationships with local shops for meeting aggressive fabrication timelines.  Successful in balancing workflow to both local and out of state resources in meeting aggressive timelines.  Exploring commercial potential of internal projects.

2001-2008       GlaxoSmithKline RTP, NC – Principal Mechanical Design Engineer

Role included routing of incoming projects within North American Applied Technology Group as well as supporting advanced design needs for facilities in Pennsylvania.  Hired and supervised Coop student.  Managed projects outsourced to contract engineers.  Both led and worked within appropriate ad-hock teams to develop timely, unique solutions.  Generated documentation to support validation efforts as well as commercialization of internally developed prototypes.  Worked with Intellectual Property group to determine appropriateness of patent filings for a variety of projects.  As IT liaison, transitioned workgroup to SolidWorks design software and Windows XP and migrated local server to corporate server farm.  Became proficient in using SolidWorks for 3D mechanical design.  Mentored junior staff and coops.

1995-2001       GlaxoWellcome RTP, NC - Principal Mechanical Design Engineer

Supported R&D efforts through the design of unique devices.  Worked in matrix environment with internal contract shop to ensure successful completion of own projects while meeting needs of all engineers as group grew.  Developed good working relationships with external fabrication shops to meet increased demand for services.  Researched 3D design packages and developed business case to switch from AutoCAD to Pro/Engineer.  Conducted competitive analysis and specified computer and graphics hardware optimized for 3D applications.  Learned Pro/E and successfully applied software in design of custom laboratory equipment.  As IT Liaison, transitioned workgroup from Windows 3.11 to NT4.0.  Provided input leading to the implementation of internally developed project tracking software.  Configured and managed internal group server; including web site, shared drive space and license management for Pro/Engineer.

1993-1995       Glaxo - RTP, NC- Mechanical Design Engineer/Long Term Temp

Interfaced with researchers to determine needs and provided unique solutions.  Used AutoCAD to design and document custom laboratory fixtures and devices.  Worked with internal shop staff to ensured timely delivery of projects.  Utilized external fabrication shops to supplement internal shop with small volume production.

1990-1992       IBM - RTP, NC - Packaging Engineer/Long Term Temp

Learned Package Engineering as well as CATIA design tool via on-the-job training.  Conducted shock and vibration tests on monitors and laptops, recorded results and wrote reports.  Designed packaging for products based on fragility data, size and optimum pallet loading.  Coordinated with production planners to ensure timely delivery of packaging materials.  Performed evaluations of proposed in-process stress testing.  Created software for extracting data from proprietary lab equipment in personal initiative to automate test report generation.


Professional Memberships and Certifications

American Society of Mechanical Engineers member since 1995.  Currently serving as Vice Chair for Eastern Carolina Chapter.

Professional Engineers of North Carolina member since 2010.

Professional Engineer certification in North Carolina, 0360361, issued 28December2009.



Masters of Mechanical Engineering with minor in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering, NCSU December 1990.

BS in Mechanical Engineering, NCSU December 1987


Patents and Publications

·         "High Throughput Manual Parallel Synthesis Using SynPhase Crowns and Lanterns" published in The Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry on 25JAN2003.  ASAP Article 10.1021 cc020022c S1520-4766(02) 00022-6

·         US Patents include:  No. 7324864 -“Apparatus and Method for Measuring Forces Imparted on Valve Assemblies of Metered Dose Delivery Containers During Manufacture Thereof”, No. 6,515,748 -"Method and Apparatus for In-Situ Spectroscopic Analysis", No. 5,921,447 -"Flow-Through Metered Aerosol Dispensing Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof", No. 5,620,894 -"Apparatus for Automated Biological Cell Harvesting" and No. 5,421,492 -"Metered Aerosol Dispensing Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof".

·         US Patent applications include: 20100050770 “Apparatus and Method for Measuring the Acceleration Imparted on Metered Dose Delivery Containers”, 20050016527 –“Method and Apparatus for Testing a Metered Dose Inhaler Unit”, 20040190812 –“Refractive Index Probe Apparatus and System”, 20040148042 -“Apparatus and Method for Measuring Forces Imparted on Valve Assemblies of Metered Dose Delivery Containers During Manufacture Thereof” and 20020154309 -“Method and Apparatus for In-situ Spectroscopic Analysis”.

·         World Wide Patent Publications include:  WO 2006/076221 -“Apparatus and Method for Measuring the Acceleration Imparted on Metered Dose Delivery Containers”, WO 2003/055539 -“Method and Apparatus for Testing a Metered Dose Inhaler Unit”, WO 2003/032020 -“Refractive Index Probe Apparatus and System”, WO 2002/103318 -“Apparatus and Method for Measuring Forces Imparted on Valve Assemblies of Metered Dose Delivery Containers During the Manufacture Thereof”, WO 2001/081899 -“Method and Apparatus for In-situ Spectroscopic Analysis” and WO 1998/035888 -“Metering Valve for Aerosols”.